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The Golden Flat – Last carnival is further proof that what matters in the way we look at an object or we relate to a situation are the unusual perception and connections that occur upon contact with the object of observation. By forcing the concepts a little, we can talk about a postproduction labour using ready-made material.
It is an installation about old and worn objects, devoured by their own functionality, unable to induce any emotional or aesthetical attachment to an easygoing beholder, but which prove to be a source of aesthetic and conceptual unpredictability.  Where there’s almost nothing to see or think, we discover another way of relating to the past that survives by hybrid forms, within the most unexpected formal or emotional configurations.
Beyond the documentary value of the environment installed within the exhibition area – all items came from modest homes of 70s and 80s and were recently recovered – we discover the delight of transgression, of leaping beyond the convenience of visual observation and thinking. The old functional assembly of an ordinary house turns into a surprising baroque theatre. The furniture and hundreds of accessories are transformed by means of artistic practices. A dramatic reversal of the situation, where the never ending objects that we still find in many private spaces, break out within a new symbolic, de-structured range – the carnival.
The object sculpture is an older pursuit of Alexandru Potecă, this time however the quest is not just about aesthetics. This exhibition is supported by a documentary approach, similar to that of urban ethnography, about which the artist confesses: “documenting, searching and purchasing of all items, as well as meeting their possessors, prove as much tempting as the new identity I intend to confer to this space of inhabitation”.
Alexandru Potecă is planning to make an object book (interactive) summarizing the approach that led to the installation The Golden Flat – Last carnival.

Adina Puşcariu
Project Coordinator


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